Hyundai car "far away" from the other cars' performance on gravel, according to Tanak

Ott Tanak believes that Hyundai i20N Rally1 car is far behind of other cars in terms of performance on gravel and says that there are many areas in the car which need to be improved.

Hyundai Motorsport was the final WRC team that started preparing its car for 2022 which means that it had less time to test and develop its new car in comperison with M-Sport Ford and Toyota.

It is noteworthy that Hyundai won only four stages at Rally de Portugal with Thierry Neuville and Ott Tanak winning two stages each.


"We got our first feedback about the car’s performance on gravel and obviously and we are quite far away", Tanak said.

"Plenty of jobs to do, many things are quite open, so let’s say it was definitely more or less like I, at least myself, expected.

"There was no promising feeling before the rally and it was exactly like this but we managed to do all the stages, we managed to try to learn quite a few different things and maybe we learned something that makes us at least a little bit better for the next rally.

"There is everything to do, many things.

"I guess generally we are just very limited in kilometers and we, let’s say, in these kilometers we should just start the development and we are already doing rallying.

"The car was born very late and that’s how it is. 

"We just need to take it from there. 

"There is no other way".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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