Gronholm - Rovanpera is ready to win the championship

Marcus Gronholm is being of the opinion that Kalle Rovanpera is ready to win this year's championship and says that it is time the driver title to return back in Finland.

The current championship leader has 106 points and has won three times in a row so far this season while it is noteworthy that he scored the maximum points in two events in a row (Rally Croatia, Rally de Portugal) as he was the fastest driver in Powerstage.

However, the most remarkable thing is that Rovanpera managed to score his third win for 2022 in Portugal where he started first on the road on Friday stages meaning that he had to clean the roads for the following drivers.

"He is very, very good", Gronholm said.

"He is ready to win the championship I think if he continues the way he has started the season, no question. 

"When he is under pressure he is fast and incredible, he is good.

"It must be something between the ears, of course he is a good driver.

"He has learned since he was a small kid and he has had a lot of mileage already, but mentally he is very good.

"It has been 20 years since I won and since then it has been nearly only Frenchmen who have won the title, so now it is time to take it back to Finland".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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