Moncet - Hyundai showed the performance of i20N Rally2 in Portugal

The team principal of Hyundai Motorsport, Julien Moncet, is being of the opinion that his team showed the true performance of its Rally2 car at Rally de Portugal despite Teemu Suninen's crash in Powerstage and admits that they have work to do in many areas of the car.

Teemu Suninen and Oliver Solberg took part in Rally de Portugal with a Hyundai i20N Rally2, but the last one faced many issues with his car throughout last weekend despite the fact that he won three stages.

Moreover, Suninen was leading Rally de Portugal until the time that he had two punctures resulting in dropping more than one minute, therefore Andreas Mikkelsen was the new WRC2 leader.

However, after Mikkelsen hit with an engine problem and had to retire from the rest of event, Suninen was again in first position in WRC2 overall classification and had a comfortable lead over Yohan Rossel on Sunday, but the first one crashed on the last stage meaning that the last one won the Rally de Portugal of 2022 and scored his second win in a row in WRC2 class.

"The target was really to show the performance of the Hyundai i20 N Rally2 here", Moncet said.

"We showed it, I think it has been really consistent, sometimes ahead most of the race so it’s very positive for us, for the brand, for the customers.

"It’s a bit of a shame to destroy everything on the last stage where honestly there was not so much to win.

"We work on the suspension and on the engine.

"These have been the main things we have worked on, which were on the engine side a bit of a complaint from our first customers.

"So we have worked hard on it with mapping and so on. 

"It has been done in-house this time. 

"That’s something new.

"It’s really good to show that our car was really competitive and ahead of our competitors.

"Once again it’s really a shame that everything was destroyed in the last stage as most of the people will remember the final result and maybe not the rest of the rally".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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