Neuville - Hyundai is not at the same level as Toyota yet

Thierry Neuville supports that Hyundai is not at the same level as Toyota yet in terms of performance and reliability and believes that the current reliability issues helped Kalle Rovanpera to increase his gap on drivers' championship.

The Korean team faces many reliability issues in 2022 which are related to the hybrid unit and the suspension and these issues are a hindrance for its drivers as no one of them has scored a victory so far this season.

Last but not least, Toyota is leading manufacturers' championship over Hyundai by a 59-point gap while Kalle Rovanpera is first overall with a 46-point gap from the second Thierry Neuville.

"Definitely a podium was on and maybe even a fight for the victory could have been possible", Neuville said.

"It would have been tough but we were right behind Elfyn before the issues, so there was a lot to play for but unfortunately the problem arrived and we did the best out of the situation.

"It is getting more and more difficult to be honest.

"It is very frustrating, we are here too fight for the championship and I have won rallies and been on the podium, but the target is to win the championship.

"We can see now that already one driver is pulling away so there is already quite big gap and it makes it difficult to catch back up.

"We can only congratulate Toyota on their performance and their reliability which is something we are clearly missing, and that is making a big difference at the moment.

"That is why they are so strong and that is why Kalle can score victory after victory. 

"This is something we need very soon.

"We are close to Toyota on performance but we are not on the level yet, we have to work a bit more. 

"I feel comfortable in the car and I feel I know exactly what to work on to make it faster."


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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