Official: Loeb seals another drive with Ford Puma Rally1 in 2022 for Safari Rally Kenya

M-Sport Ford announced today that Sebastien Loeb will make his third outing this season with the Puma and will return for Safari Rally Kenya next month.

The nine-time World Rally Champion competed for the first time with the Ford Puma Rally1 in Monte Carlo where he won his home event while his second outing with the car in Portugal was not successful as he crashed on Friday and eventually he was forced to retire at the end of Saturday due to a technical issue which was related to the turbo.

However, it must be mentioned that it was rumored that he would compete in Kenya next month, but the official confirmation came today, therefore he will continue his between battle with his compatriot and former World Rally Champion, Sebastien Ogier.

"For sure it was nice to see we were competitive in Portugal with the Puma which was nice, it is good to know the Puma is very fast and competitive on gravel", Loeb said. 

"Kenya is something very different to Portugal, I don’t know the current version of the rally, I have seen some videos of the stages which are very different, they appear to be rough with very big stones. 

"Kenya is quite amazing; I think it’s the rally from where I have the most memories! 

"At that time Kenya was very different, the longest stage was 120km long and we all had a helicopter over our cars announcing all the wildlife that we were approaching on the stage. 

"Now it is very different and is more like a typical WRC rally, it is easier to do it this way but the difference for me compared to Portugal is I have no experience of these stages. 

"It is always much more complicated when you arrive to a rally where you have never done the stages before, it will not make it easy but I am really happy to be going".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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