Ogier explains his crash in Stage 11 at Rally de Portugal

Sebastien Ogier is talking about the crash he had in Stage 11 of Rally de Portugal admitting that he got distracted by an alarm on his dashboard.

The French driver finished outside the top ten in Portugal after receiving penalties for a retirement he had on Friday and after his crash.

His retirement came on Friday when he suffered from two punctures and carried only one spare wheel out, therefore he was not able to continue on Friday.

But his unexpected mistake was in Stage 11 where he went off the road and stuck down a ditch. 

Despite the fact that he stopped after stucking into a ditch, he got to the finish line of SS11 and completed the stage 30 minutes later than his rivals meaning that he managed to continue for the rest of the day.

"Τo be honest it’s my mistake", Ogier said.

"Second stage I got disturbed by an alarm on the screen where I lost the hybrid and I just for a second lost a bit the concentration or didn’t focus enough on the note or on the road and went a little wide, hit the bank and spun and got stuck in the ditch.

"There were no spectators there so I had to run a bit to find some to help us to continue. 

"We finally continued but yeah, not too much damage like you see but still with these cars there’s quite complex systems and the cooling system for the hybrid for example has a leak in the rear and needs to be replaced so it’s a big change on this car, so there’s nothing to risk right now damaging anymore the car".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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