Ogier predicts a non-dominant performance in Portugal from him and Loeb

Sebastien Ogier is not expecting that he and Sebastien Loeb will dominate in this month's Rally de Portugal as they did in Monte Carlo last January while he is referring to his battle with the last one in the round one of this year's World Rally Championship.

The two Sebastiens offered a masterclass show four months ago as both of them were fighting for the win of Rallye Monte Carlo till the end.

Eventually, Loeb grabbed the victory from Ogier in Monte Carlo as the last one suffered from a front left puncture in Stage 16 resulting in dropping more than 30 seconds.

However, both of them mentioned at the press conference after the end of Rallye Monte Carlo that they would love to fighting each other again this season, but they did not know if that would happen due to their programs.

"Of course I'm happy I always enjoy battling with Loeb", Ogier said.

"We had a couple of nice fights during our career and it is nice to see that the fans are excited about it.

"I knew there was a good chance he was coming to this event so I was teasing him a bit online to try to get him to announce it.

"I really hope that we will both be able to fight at the front but I think the set-up and the parameters for this race are different so I don't expect us to dominate like we did in Monte and battle ahead.

"I hope we will be involved in the fight for the front and that it will be a nice exciting rally. 

"There is also Dani  so there are quite a few drivers from the older generation out there.

"In Monte everyone knows it is the rally I love the most to win and of course there was disappointment to lose it that way. 

"I had done the job and for something I couldn't control I lost it at the end, so that was frustrating for sure.

"But on the other hand it was a great performance from him and he deserved to win, so that is part of the game sometimes you need a bit of luck on your side to win.

"Early in my career it would have been very hard to accept this moment but I have grown up a little bit on that side."

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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