Breen and Loubet stand by Fourmaux

Craig Breen and Pierre-Louis Loubet get behind Adrien Fourmaux and feel sorry for what is happening to the last one this year saying that they understand how he feels.

Adrien Fourmaux's season did not start in a positive way as he has three DNFs so far this season which were caused by the accidents he had.

In fact, M-Sport Ford said before the start of Rally de Portugal that his seat had been under threat due to his crashes in 2022 and generally they spoke very harshly of him.

However, the young driver managed to finish ninth in Portugal and to return his Puma to his team, but this did not happen in Sardinia as he had a crash in Stage 17 when he ran wide on a left-hander and clipped some bushes.

In addition to that, M-Sport mechanics did not repair his car for the final day of Rally Italia Sardegna with the intention of preparing his Puma properly for Safari Rally Kenya.

"It’s difficult for me to comment, obviously", Breen said.

"But of course I feel sorry for Adrien - I feel sorry for him and Alex. 

"It’s not a nice position to be in.

"I know from working that he is trying to do his best - he’s trying everything that he can. 

"I’ve seen it myself when I’ve had some difficult times - social media lights up. 

"People have no idea of the pressure that we are under. 

"We’re trying to perform at this level and mistakes can happen so easily, especially on a rally like this. 

"He will come back".

On the other hand, Loubet said: "I am very sorry for him.

"I know how hard he is working and I think it’s a difficult moment for him, but there is not much we can say. 

"It’s a difficult situation and I hope he can get through this".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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