Loeb about the electrical issue after Stage 4 of Safari Rally

Sebastien Loeb explains what caused his retirement after Stage 4 at Safari Rally and describes what happened there.

The nine-time World Rally Champion was fifth overall at the end of Stage 4, but he was forced to retire on the road section after SS4 as he faced an electrical issue with his car.

More specifically, he stopped at the stop control of Stage 4 and afterwards he could not restart the engine of his Puma, therefore he decided to have a look what is happening under the bonnet.

Surprisingly, he saw that there was fire in the engine bay which was caused by an O-ring leak and he was not able to return at the Service Park as he had no battery left and stopped just 5 Kilometers away from the service area.

"We were going normally, we went to the stop control and the engine stopped", Loeb said.

"We tried to restart and it didn’t restart, and there was smoke coming out of the bonnet. 

"I opened it and there was a little fire.

"We then used electric mode and we did 10kms. 

"We had no battery any more and the car stopped 5km from service".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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