Greensmith: M-Sport Ford needs a reset after Belgium

Gus Greensmith says that M-Sport Ford needs a reset after the disastrous Ypres Rally Belgium and believes that some days off before the start of the next rally will be improtant for everyone.

The British team brought three cars in Ypres from which only two got to the finish line of the event.

These two cars were Gus Greensmith's and Craig Breen's who finished outside the top ten, but still they scored some points on the manufacturers' championship.

The No.1 driver of M-Sport, Breen, crashed in Stage 10 of Ypres resulting in retiring from Saturday, but he restarted under the regulations of Rally2 on Sunday.

Moreover, Greensmith made a mistake in the same stage as his teammate and stopped to change a wheel near the start of SS10 while he started late in Stage 11 due to the fact that he and Jonas Andersson were trying to repair the rear end of their Puma.

Therefore, Adrien Fourmaux was the top M-Sport driver and was fifth overall until the start of Stage 19 where he crashed and was forced to retire. His season is not good so far and in fact his seat was under threat before the start of Rally de Portugal as Richard Millened had expressed his frustration for his performance.

"A good thing for everyone right now would be to just get on the flight and get home", Greensmith said.

"Everyone needs to have a few days to themselves and then we should all get together next week and go again.

"When things aren’t going right and it keeps not going right, you just need to take a couple of days off and take a reset.

"It’s in the car, it’s in the drivers and it’s in the team to get wins and to be on the podium, but you have to look at yourselves when the same things keep happening.

"Unfortunately, that has been the case with us, so we just need to go away and have a couple of days and reset.

"It will come good because everybody is working hard. 

"The team is trying its best and the drivers are trying their best. 

"Eventually it will all just click into place and everything will be fine".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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