Boullier set to be the new team principal of Hyundai

According to DirtFish reportage, Hyundai Motorsport will announce its new principal this week and it is expected that Julien Moncet will be replaced by Eric Boullier.

Since Andrea Adamo's departure from the Korean team at the end of 2021, Hyundai announced Julien Moncet as first one's temporary replacement and took over his duties last January, but ever since it is yet to be confirm who will be the permanent principal of the team in World Rally Championship.

Hyundai Motorsport was thinking of putting someone who is coming from the inside of the team, but it could not find a well-qualified person, therefore Eric Boullier may take over the team principal role.

Boullier was appointed racing director of the McLaren Formula One racing team in 2014 and left his role at the end of 2018 while he joined the French Grand Prix organization in February 2019.

"The first course was to try to find an Adamo replacement from within the team, but there was no common agreement on who that could be", one source said. 

"Boullier seems to be the name that’s coming stronger and stronger now. 

"In Belgium there was a lot of talk about this guy".


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