Tanak: Moncet should not be on Hyundai's team principal role

Ott Tanak is being of the opinion that Julien Moncet is not suited for the team principal position of Hyundai Motorsport and explains that the last one is expert on engines.

Since Andrea Adamo left from Hyundai Motorsport at the end of 2021, the team announced Julien Moncet as its deputy team principal, but it seems that he cannot take the proper decisions for the good of the team.

Moreover, Hyundai faces a difficult situation this year as all of its drivers complained about the behavior and the unreliability of the car while the new i20N lacks performance in comparison with Yaris and Puma.

However, it must be mentioned that Hyundai did not face any car issue for three rallies in a row and brought many engine upgrades to its Rally1 car while Ott Tanak secured two consecutive wins in events that the team used to struggle in the past.

"No, that man is not Julien Moncet", Tanak responded if Julien Moncet is the man that he should be on  team principal role.

"I mean he’s a great guy doing the engine, he’s been always an engine guy and obviously Hyundai has a great engine so that’s what he should be doing in my opinion.

"The rest? 

"It’s up to the management to work out how we could continue. 

"But, like you can see, the potential in the car is huge and they’ve done a great job, first designing it, but now to put it together it needs another good effort.

"It needs a team effort altogether and that’s what we are working for".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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