Latvala: Rovanpera's crash was a matter of time

Jari-Matti Latvala is beiong of the opinion that every winner does at least one mistake per season and was expecting that Kalle Rovanpera would have a crash in 2022 while he explains the last one's exit in Stage 2 of Ypres Rally Belgium.

The Finn driver had a big roll after 9,2 Km into Stage 2 as he ran wide into a ditch on the outside of a left-hander which pitched his car into a barrel roll.

Despite the fact that his car was heavily damaged, the Toyota mechanics managed to repair it for Saturday and their work was admirable as they changed almost all the car apart from the rollcage, the hybrid unit, the engine and the gearbox.

Last but not least, Stage 2 was delayed and there was a frustration from Rovanpera and Jonne Halttunen as their tyres was getting cold and there was a conflict between the last one and the marshals.

"That’s the main thing", Latvala said.

"It was quite an impact to the front and then rolling, but always when it’s rolling it’s not so bad because the worse situation is like if you hit the tree or a stone, it’s actually a sudden stop.

"So always when it’s rolling it’s softer for the drivers.

"It looks like it starts to understeer and then starts to go wide. 

"But it’s unlucky that there’s a hole, he hits the hole, because otherwise there was no ditch later on in the field and immediately basically you have to pay the penalty.

"But this is typical here. 

"There is normally very, very steep and sharp ditches which really when you hit them it’s the end of the game.

"Kalle has done eight rallies this year, eight really good results. 

"OK Monte was slightly difficult at the beginning but still at the end he got really good points.

"In every championship, every winner does at least one mistake per season. 

"You can’t do 13 races perfect without mistake, this hasn’t happened with Ogier or with Loeb.

"And I knew already that it’s a matter of time when this will happen and unfortunately it happened here. "It will have come at some point".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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