What unusual mental mindset Solberg did after Rally Finland?

Oliver Solberg reveals what he did to clear his mind from his Rally Finland crash and now understands what he did wrong in the two accidents he had in 2022 while he is thinking of following a measured approach at Ypres Rally Belgium.

The Hyundai driver does not get the results that he wanted this year as he has finished only two times in top ten, but in general he is struggling to find confidence with the hybrid i20N. As a result of that, he had two crashes so far this season with the big one having been happened on the first corner of Rally Finland which led him to retire from the rest of the rally due to roll cage damage.

"I went as fast as I could for a long as I could on a quad bike at home", Solberg said.

"I think I went for like a 30km, 40km run and I went as fast as I could to release everything, all the pressure.

"I think it was just a case of thinking through what happened and why and we did a good plan with the team as to what we could have done better. 

"We made a good strategy to go back to what worked before, and it worked well before. 

"There have been two accidents this year, Finland and Croatia, and it is tough when stuff like that happens, it is tough for everybody, but it is part of the learning. 

"I think all the problems we have had this year with everything else it all builds up and makes it much worse for myself. 

"I think you just have to remember what you are capable of and be positive on the things that have been good.”

"The only thing I am used to is to go as fast as I can and I think a measured approach is what I have to take now and accept it will be difficult.

"I need to try and learn the car better. 

"The two accidents I have had is when the rear has got away from me in high-speed corners. 

"I have learned a lot now that will help me take a bit of care, and drive fast where I feel confident.

"I had a good test road to be fair and I think I’m more and more confident with the car on tarmac.

"We know we have some issues and if we can do the best with what we have it seems not too bad I hope".

Source:  Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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