Neuville: I want Tanak to stay at Hyundai

Thierry Neuville says that he wants Ott Tanak to stay at Hyundai next year and he strongly believes that his teammate will remain in the team as together managed to push forward for more car improvements.

During Ypres Rally and Acropolis Rally, it seemed that the relationship between Tanak and Neuville were not in good terms as the last one doubted about the first one's transmission problems in Belgium while Hyundai did not decide team orders in Greece with the intention of helping Tanak on the drivers' championship.

Since the last round of World Rally Championship, it is rumored that the Estonian will join M-Sport Ford in 2023 as Hyundai favors Neuville after not helping Tanak to win in Greece and to come closer to his championship rival, Kalle Rovanpera.

"I want him to stay", Neuville said.

"I’m sure he will stay as well.

"In a team, you need all the drivers to be pushing hard to get improvements.

"I think together on that side we have collaborated quite well.

"It shows that in a very short period we were able to push the team forward and we have the same point of view on what is needed for us to be competitive. 

"Alone, you can’t fight for that. 

"You need support.

"I think he’s the best support I could have and I’m doing the best to support him for that as well, to bring the team back where it belongs and where it should be. 

"That’s clear and that’s what we’re working on".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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