Ogier and Rovanpera handed a fine for speeding infringement in New Zealand

The stewards of Rally New Zealand gave to Kalle Rovanpera and Sebastien Ogier a fine for driving over the speed limits at Waimai Valley RD.

The Clerk of the Course received three reports on speeding from the tracking system of Ogier's and Rovanpera's car which showed that both of them breached the speed limits.

More specifically, the Frenchman did two infringements as he was driving with 94 Km/h and 92 Km/h, therefore he has to pay 950€ in total whereas his teammate drove with 11 Km/h over the permitted speed limit which is at 80 Km/h. The young star of Toyota was fined with 275€ for this breach.

Read below the stewards' decisions:

Photo Credits: Toyota

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