M-Sport surprised by Breen's exit in New Zealand

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, says that he was surprised by Craig Breen's exit at Rally New Zealand and believes that his driver will remember this mistake for a long time.

The Irishman was in second position overall at the end of Friday morning, but he went off the road on a right hander 26.7 Km into the first stage of the afternoon loop, but he managed to get going again and to complete the Stage 5 with a 18-minute delay.

It must be mentioned that Breen was leading Rally New Zealand at the end of Stage 3 and will restart on Saturday under the regulations of Rally2 after his retirement before the start of Stage 6.

"It was a real surprise to see Craig off the road as he looked relaxed and the times were really good", Millener said.

"We were in with a real chance this weekend, but it just goes to show how quickly that can all disappear.

"Generally these guys are very aware of corners that catch people out. 

"Even I watched that clip of Colin McRae running off there so it is obviously a corner that can catch people out.

"The guys know the pace notes very well and they know the road conditions very well. 

"I'm just very surprised to see Craig off the road. It is gutting for everybody involved.

"It is one thing doing it and getting the individual times but it is another thing finishing after three days. 

"It is a mistake Craig will remember for a long time and I'm sure he will be very upset with himself."

"The reason he is in the car is because he has shown the ability to do it.

"We support our drivers through the good times and the hard times, but ultimately we try to give them the car and the resources to do it, but we can't help them with the driving.

"Unfortunately this one looks like a simple mistake of being too fast into that corner which is difficult to accept for us all, including Craig.

"We have just got to have a sit down and understand why this is happening, but ultimately this is something Craig is going to have to focus on himself."

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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