Steiner: McRae was the most gifted driver I ever met

The team boss of Haas in Formula 1, Guenther Steiner, believes that Colin McRae is the most gifted driver that he has ever met and says as the last one's speed was natural.

Steiner joined Ford as a project manager in 1998 while he was promoted to director of engineering in 2000. That year, Haas boss had the chance to cooperate with the two Ford drivers, Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz, who were teammates for two seasons (2000-2002).

"I got on very well with Colin", Steiner said.

"At the time I think everyone wanted Colin.

"Of course there was money and being a Scotsman money was important for Colin, but it wasn’t everything and I think Malcolm could convince him about the future. 

"Malcolm was a driver himself so he could explain to Colin where he wants to go and therefore he joined Ford. 

"Colin was the man at the time and I think there will never be anybody, I mean there is always somebody, but I haven’t seen anyone with the sheer talent Colin had at the time. 

"For him, everything was natural he didn’t need to put any effort in to drive a car quick, it was just there. 

"Some people can talk a lot like me but he can drive fast. 

"I think he was the most gifted driver I ever met.

"He was pretty good at giving feedback. 

"If something didn’t work, he was pretty good at telling you. 

"He was pretty straight forward. 

"For Colin, everything was natural, either it worked or it didn’t work and then the rest was your problem. 

"Carlos was going into detail and with Colin it was yes or no, there was nothing in between. 

"If it was no it was your problem. 

"It was black or white. 

"If you had a good test it was very enjoyable to test with Colin, but if it went badly it was the least enjoyable test you could do because he was pissed off because he thought he was wasting his time".


Photo Credits: Haas

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