Breen tries to get rid of his bad luck for the rest of 2022

Craig Breen says that he is trying his best to deliver good results for the team and expresses his desire to break the misfortune he had in the last rallies.

The Irishman has only two podiums so far in 2022 while he has six restarts under the regulations of Rally1 after causing damage to his Puma following crashes. However, it must be mentioned that he is capable of setting fastest times in stages as he has won seven stages since the start of this year.

"The sport is so cruel sometimes", Breen said.

"You know, you can end up in a little bit of a vicious circle. 

"I’m trying my best. 

"I’m trying to deliver results. 

"I know what I want. 

"I have my targets and the team has its targets.

"There’s nobody here at M-Sport that’s not giving the best and giving it everything we have.

"I want to be up there fighting, I don’t want to be at the back of the pace. 

"Unfortunately, we do seem to be finding that banana peel every time. 

"It seems to be in place where others are having moments or having drama, but they seem to be able to ride it OK and get away with it, whereas it seems to catch me up every time.

"That’s just the run of luck at the minute".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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