Neuville asks from Hyundai to improve the i20N for the wet conditions

Thierry Neuville admits that once again all of Hyundai drivers struggled to find pace with the i20N Rally1 on wet conditions and demands improvements from his team.

At Rally New Zealand, all Hyundai drivers found difficult to push and to find confidence with their car when the conditions got wet as it happened at Rally Estonia three months ago. It seems that the set-up of i20N is not proper for the gravel when the stages get muddy due to the rain and this fact can be proved by the stage times that the Hyundai drivers set in comparison with these from Toyota and M-Sport drivers.

"We need to find more precision from the car", Neuville said.

"Sometimes it’s too slow to react and we need to change this. 

"It’s about working with the differentials and some other areas. 

"I think we know what we have to do. 

"When it is getting wet, we are really struggling. 

"We saw this in Estonia: when the rain came, we could do really nothing, and we saw again in New Zealand it was like this. 

"We struggled again.

"As well as raising the performance, we need to make the car more comfortable to drive – we will see then, but this could make more performance as well. 

"I have some ideas for some things we could do, but the problem is we have no real gravel testing until next season".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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