Evans about his crash in SS9 of Rally New Zealand

Elfyn Evans explains his crash in Stage 9 of Rally New Zealand and is being of the opinion that he could do nothing to save his Yaris after his spin.

The Welshman had a spin after 9.1 Km into Stage 9 and clouted a bank with the front resulting in facing brake and electrical issues and low water pressure. From this incident, he dropped 36.5 seconds there due to the fact that his car lacked aerodynamics as the front bumper, the rear spoiler and the trunk were missing.

Although he and Scott Martin were working on their car on the road section before the start of Stage 10 and refilled the Toyota's radiator using their own drinking water, they were forced to retire from the day, but they are not able to restart on Sunday under the regulations of Rally2 due to chassis damage.

"All went OK in the first stage this morning but then in the second stage in a downhill braking we were a bit too fast and lost control of the rear of the car", Evans said. 

"There was no chance to recover it with the throttle and we touched the bank on the inside and rolled the car. 

"Thankfully we landed on our wheels and were able to carry on. 

"Cosmetically the car didn’t look so good but it was still driving remarkably well. 

"There was a small leak which we managed to plug so that we could bring the car back to service, but unfortunately there was some rollcage damage detected and we had to retire".

Photo Credits: Toyota

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