McRae family offered Colin's boots to Rovanpera [+video]

Colin McRae's family offered to Kalle Rovanpera his boots as a gift from the last one's latest triumph in World Rally Championship.

The Finn driver broke the record of Colin McRae in New Zealand on 2 October and became the youngest WRC Champion at the age of 22 years and one day old.

McRae held this record since 1995 as he became a WRC Champion at the age of 27 years and 109 days old. After Kalle breaking his record, the daughter of Colin decided give to the 2022 Champion the boots of her father that wore 27 years ago. This gift was given during the Rallylegend - Star event where Rovanpera will take part with Jari -Matti Latvala's Toyota Celica Turbo ST185.

"Huge thanks to McRae family for this very special gift!", Rovanpera said.

"Truly honored to receive these shoes that Colin used back in 1995 when he won his WRC championship title!

"From youngest champion to another!

"If in doubt, flat out"!

Watch below the video:

Photo Credits: Kalle Rovanpera

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