Evans confident of making Yaris more suitable for him for 2023

Elfyn Evans is being confident of how to make Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 suiting to his driving style for next year after a disapponting WRC campaign in 2022.

The Welshman finished this season without a victory and generally he was struggling to find confidence with the Toyota Rally1 car as he was out of pace in many rallies. In addition to that, there were many times that he had a spin during a stage and, in many cases, he went off the road resulting in dropping time or in retiring from the day.

"You can’t put everything on luck and you have to take the responsibility when these things go south", Evans said.

"It is massively disappointing for me and the team also, but at least the positive is that we have made a massive step forward from where we were in Spain, so at least we have that to take away in the back pocket for next year.

"We have been working with the guys to understand a bit better how to extract more performance from my side. 

"There has been some changes in my style in terms of driving.

"The car is of course a little bit different compared to Spain, so there has been few changes on both sides.

"I think all the lessons we have learned should put us in a better position for next year.

"There are still a lot of areas that we need to work on to be better next year.

"There have been improvements in the year and I think we have a clearer direction on how to make the car work a bit better for me".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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