Pirelli already focuses in 2023 for WRC tyre evolution

The rally activity manager of Pirelli Motorsport, Terenzio Testoni, says that the brand is satisfied with the past past season and how the tyres performed, but reveals that they will develop their gravel and tarmac tyres for 2023.

Pirelli Motorsport returned to World Rally Championship as the tyre supplier from 2021 after Michelin Motorsport decided not to continue in this series. However, many WRC and WRC2 drivers have complained about the quality of the tyres after suffering from punctures. One indicative example is Rally Croatio of 2022 where there were eight punctures in one day and a number of drivers was wondering after this. 

Finally, it must be mentioned that one driver from each WRC team has the chance to test and to give feedback to Pirelli about the tyres that the Italian brand is developing. This test is organised by Pirelli for tyre evolution and FIA regulations are saying that this test must last at least three days and be scheduled only once a year for every team. Kalle Rovanpera was chosen by Toyota to test the new tarmac tyres in Croatia last April, but no one knows when and where M-Sport and Hyundai did their tests.

"This Japan Rally, which was unusual in terms of the high temperatures and generally dry conditions, perfectly sums up Pirelli's season, in which both gravel and asphalt tyres have consistently ensured reliability, impact resistance, low wear and performance", Testoni said. 

"This is why I can safely say that it has been a very satisfying year for us during which, although the challenge of the new hybrid cars has been fully met, we have continued to develop new solutions, building on what we have learned race after race. 

"Now it is already time to focus on the next season, for which we are fine-tuning an evolution of the asphalt and gravel ranges".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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