Ogier finds fault with Pirelli tyres

Sebastien Ogier apologizes for his words against Pirelli Motorsport during Rally Japan saying that he feels lucky that he is not competing anymore in all rounds of World Rally Championship.

The Frenchman was leading Rally Japan after Stage 1, but he suffered from two punctures which resulted in dropping more than two minutes and eventually finished fourth overall. After these two punctures, Ogier called Pirelli tyres as shitty while it must be mentioned that every driver is wondering about the quality of the tyres due to the numerous punctures on gravel and tarmac.

"Sometimes I talk about it with the wrong words because of my emotion and I have to apologise for that, but it is a real problem and it is not acceptable", Ogier said.

"Nobody dares to talk about and I’m the only one to speak up and it is not acceptable.

"Everyone here is working very hard to make the best and this part of the championship, it is shame that we are forced to use someone that is not doing it at the level they should be.

"I heard and I’m not sure as I’m definitely not the one who is counting that in one and a half years now there is more puncture tyres in the the 10 years with the previous supplier, so how can you explain that.

"The sport shouldn’t be gambling about this. 

"Luckily I didn’t do the championship this year but you can easily count how much I lost. 

"Without being arrogant I think I would have been on the podium every time that is for sure and I would have won a couple of rallies.

"On gravel it is not really fantastic either. 

"Of course in Kenya it can happen and of course that can happen to every supplier to be honest as the conditions are extreme, I understand.

"But last weekend I had two punctures, one cost me a lot and the second one I changed on a road section and I didn’t touch anything and again it is no mistake and that is why it is frustrating".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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