Rovanpera predicts a tight championship in 2023

Kalle Rovanpera believes that next year's championship will be much closer than this year's and says that Toyota and he have work to do ahead of the new season.

Rovanpera clinched his maiden WRC title in 2022 and his gap from the second Ott Tanak was at 50 points at the end of this season. He became the youngest ever WRC Champion at the age of 22 years and one day old and his country returned back to the glory days as Marcus Gronholm was the latest driver who won a championship in WRC twenty years ago.

"I think it’s going to be much, much closer next year", Rovanpera said.

"We made a good start this season and straight away the GR Yaris was working really well with the new regulations, but we have seen the others coming strong also. 

"We will have to step up again to stay in the fight.

"The team knows this and we all know we have work to do – also on our side. 

"There are places where we can get better and hopefully we will do that".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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