Suninen tested for the first time the Hyundai i20N Rally1

Teemu Suninen reveals that he was behind the wheel of the Hyundai i20N Rally1 for testing it and his wish is to return with a full-season programme in World Rally Championship.

Hyundai Motorsport scheduled a secret test for Suninen in Finland this week and everyone was wondering who was behind the wheel of the i20N Rally1 as no one could guess the driver. Finally, Suninen confirmed that he was him who tested the car.

The Finn driver is currently driving the Hyundai i20N Rally2 this year and there are many speculations that he will have Thierry Neuville as his teammate in 2023 after Ott Tanak's and Oliver Solberg's departure from the Alzenau team.

"I just got the request from Hyundai ‘would I be ready to do the testing’ and I was like ‘of course I’m ready.'", Suninen said.

 "It was nice to be back in the powerful car with a lot of aerodynamics and then also to feel the hybrid power.

"My goal is still to get to Rally1, full-time, but I would be happy to be a part-time driver and I know that I can be fast, especially on fast gravel rallies which I know well and also Portugal/Sardinia type of rallies.

"But I believe why Hyundai let me drive is they are trusting my skills to develop the car and help them and also help them to develop the Rally1 car.

"It’s difficult to say about the future what’s going to happen, but at least these are some positive steps".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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