Official: Greensmith M-Sport Ford part ways for 2023 after eight years

M-Sport Ford announced today that the team will not renew Gus Greensmith's contract for 2023 after a multi-year collaboration that both sides had in rallying.

Greensmith started his early steps in rallying driving a Ford Fiesta R2 back in 2014 and participated in many rallies with that car in 2015. He took part in a specific category of WRC for two years [2015-2016] which was called Drive DMACK Cup while he made his WRC2 debut with the Fiesta R5 in Wales six years ago. For the next two seasons, he secured a full WRC2 programme with M-Sport Ford while the team trusted him and gave him the chance to make his maiden appearance at the top level with the Fiesta WRC in 2019. However, it must be mentioned that the British driver competed in WRC2 class as well three years ago at the same time with his WRC debut.

Before the start of 2020, M-Sport Ford promoted Greensmith as the team offered him a full-season programme in World Rally Championship for that season and eventually he had the chance to fight against the best drivers in world for three years. In fact, he took his first ever stage win at Rallye Monte Carlo in 2022 with the Puma Rally1 and changed two co-drivers the last two years. Last but not least, it is rumored that Greensmith will drive the fourth Gr Yaris Rally1 in a limited number of rallies next year and will rent this car from Toyota.

"Gus, you entered the sport with us 8 years ago, from your first events in an R1 to a Puma Rally1 against the best in the world", M-Sport's statement said. 

"It’s a sad day, as today, Gus and M-Sport part ways. 

"This isn’t the end or a goodbye. 

"It’s a sincere and heartfelt thanks. 

"All the best for the future".

Finally, Greensmith said: "8 years through thick & thin together, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. 

"To everyone at M-Sport, all I have to say is thank you & ciao for now".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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