Tanak: M-Sport can give me the chance to fight for the championship again

Ott Tanak is confident that M-Sport can give him the chance to fight for the driver's title again and believes that the Puma Rally1 has potential since Ford is involing in developing the car.

The 2019 WRC Champion terminated prematurely his contract with Hyundai Motorsport and announced his arrival to M-Sport Ford for 2023 with the view of securing his second title in World Rally Championship. He has already tested the Puma Rally1 in Greystoke Forest, a location which is very close to the M-Sport factory in Cumbria, and will be the leader driver of the team in 2023 despite the fact that it is yet to be confirmed who will be his teammates.

"Well Toyota and Rovanpera at the moment they are the two to beat and I would say M-Sport is the place to be", Tanak said.

"There are people who are really passionate to do it, so I guess this is the place and it should give me the chance to do it.

"I wouldn't call it unfinished business as we have already won the championship, so the business has been done, but from the other side we have everything we need to challenge for the championship and fight for the title. 

"I would like to give myself the chance to fight for it again.

"Winning a championship is always the ultimate challenge and it is never going to be easy. 

"It means you are the best of the best.

"It would mean everything no question but to do it is not an easy challenge, it is a big job and it needs everything to come together. 

"It is going to be quite some job".

Finally, he referred to the Ford Puma Rally1: "I'm sure there is the potential.

"The team has a great infrastructure and they have strong support from Ford also, so if we all work together and we really want it badly then we can make everything happen.

"For sure, all the other big manufacturer teams when they get the things rolling they can move very fast and I know from other places that the development rate can be very fast as well. 

"I'm sure we can do it.

"There won't be any limitation on the development side so that is the most important thing. 

"They ]want to prove what they are in this sport so I'm sure it will be an interesting time.

"It is definitely not going to be easy and against the two big teams it is going to be a challenge. 

"I think from the other side, being the dark horse it can be quite fun".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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