Breen wants to secure a full-time programme with Hyundai in 2024

Craig Breen says that he wants to have a full-time programme again in World Rally Championship and is being confident that he can sign a contract for a whole season with Hyundai in 2024 if he performs well this year.

The Irishman left Hyundai Motorsport at the of 2021 as the Koreans offered him a partial programme for 2022, therefore he signed a two-year deal with M-Sport Ford which would have been valid from 2022 to 2023. Since he did many mistakes and had only two podiums last year. he decided to part ways with the Cumbrian-based team which was already looking for a more experienced driver in 2023. Breen eventually ended up returning to Hyundai Motorsport with a part-time programme again as he will share the third i20N Rally1 with Dani Sordo this year.

"I desperately want to win a rally", Breen said. 

"It’s the one thing that’s missing; it’s the one thing I’d desperately like to make happen.

"I’ve done podiums now, I’ve done it on all surfaces. 

"I’ve sampled sort of all the nice things in the world championship, but there’s just one… 

"Obviously with a partial season we’ll have a good road position for the events that we’ll be doing and we’ll just have to make the most of it, try and get familiar and get used to the car as soon as we can and get back to where we were last on the podium in 2021.

 "I definitely want to get back to a full-time program, I still think we have enough to deliver.

"I think that, had fortunes been different last year, we could’ve… ifs, buts and maybes but I really do think we had good speed on a lot of rallies to do a good job and ultimately that wasn’t to be.

"I definitely do feel there’s unfinished business, but this is the program for the moment, this is the target and if things go right and things go the way that I would like them to, I obviously want to put the team in a position that it’s a no-brainer to have me in the car full-time in 2024.

"That’s a tough task but that’s what we want to try and do".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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