M-Sport Ford hopes on Loeb's return in 2023

The M-Sport boss, Malcolm Wilson, says that his team would like to have Sebastien Loeb in some rallies this year and reveals that they have talked to him during his participation at Dakar Rally.

The Cumbrian-based team has announced Ott Tanak and Pierre-Louis Loubet as its main drivers for 2023, but there is a possibility of someone to drive the third Puma as Jourdan Serderidis has sealed a four-rally programme for this season. However, since the price tag of Tanak is high, it is financially difficult for M-Sport Ford to have two WRC Champions who get big salaries.

"We would still like to do a deal with Loeb and whether we can achieve it, but we would still like to have him on some events", Wilson said.

"If we do bring him to an event then for sure we would nominate him for manufacturer points.

"I did talk to Seb in Dakar but I didn’t talk about WRC to be honest, he had other things on his mind".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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