Citroen to bring major upgrades to C3 Rally2 in 2023

The Head of Citroën Customer Racing, Didier Clement, reveals that the French brand is working on developing the C3 Rally2 and will bring some upgrades to the car in 2023.

Despite the fact that Citroen Racing left WRC at the end of 2019, they still support some drivers in WRC2 and other national events, including Yohan Rossel and Mads Ostberg. Before WRC started from Rallye Monte Carlo this season, the team announced that the WRC2 programmes of Yohan Rossel, Stephane Lefebvre and Alejandro Cachon will be continued in 2023 and all of them will have the chance to compete in seven rounds in WRC2 class. With the view of helping them in WRC2 title bid, Citroen Racing will develop further some areas of its machinery which are related to the engine, the software, the suspension, the differentials and the aerodynamic package.

"The development of this kind of car is never finished", Clement said.

"We are all the time working to improve it in small details. 

"We saw this in the past with the Xsara, C4, DS3 and the C3 in the WRC.

"We will have an overall improvement.

"We are working on some different things with the engine, and we are working on the software of some parts. 

"We will improve the suspension and the aero as well, and also the behaviour of the differentials. 

"When you add together all of these small details, at the end it will be a big step.

"A good WRC2 car is not designed for top drivers like Yohan Rossel, Yoann Bonato, Mads Østberg and so on.

"It’s designed for everybody.

"Yohan, Yoann, Stéphane Lefebvre and Alejandro Cachón have all driven the car in official test sessions. 

"They have enough experience to be able to develop the car, not only for the professional drivers, but for everybody".


Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Pool 

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