How Tanak managed to continue in Mexico after turbo issue?

Ott Tanak reveals that he managed to continue on Friday morning due to the extra power from hybrid unit after the problems he suffered on the opening stage of the day.

The Estonian had to clean the roads for the following drivers on Friday, but he was forced to stop 15,8 Km into Stage 3 as his Puma carried an issue with the turbocharger. He went out of his car and opened the bonnet to see what was the problem which forced him to drive at low speed. Eventually, he managed to complete SS3 and to drive throughout the next stages with the view of returning his car back to service. His mechanics managed to fix it for the afternoon loop, but he was out of pace and outside the top ten due to the fact that he lost over twelve minutes in the morning.

"Without some hybrid support in some places it was not going to be possible to make it", Tanak said. 

"We were lucky to have some extra support from hybrid, but, anyway, we lost more than 12 minutes, so I guess it was going to be slow anyway.

"It was quite a struggle in the car. 

"I didn’t feel anything going slowly before, it just switched off.

"I hope that was just a loose pipe but this wasn’t the case".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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