Katsuta about his crash in Stage 5 of Rally Mexico

Takamoto Katsuta explains his crash in Stage 5 of Rally Mexico and is being grateful that he did not roll after this impact.

The Japanese driver lost the rear of his Yaris on a fast section of Stage 5 and was not able to recover it, therefore he went off the road after going straight into a ditch. He and Aaron Johnston were unharmed after this accident, but they were not able to continue as their car was into a ditch and could not go back to the road. They were in seventh place overall after Stage 4 and will restart on Saturday under the regulations of Rally2 as their car was not heavily damage after their crash.

"Basically what happened was at a very, very high-speed section, I was a little bit optimistic on a braking point or something", Katsuta said.

"Then I was a little bit, let’s say, late to turn in and also lost the line.

"So from this moment already the car was on the wrong line and then I was not able to brake into the next corner. 

"So then I went straight to the outside of the corner.

"Luckily we didn’t roll.

"Basically we just fell from the road.

"So it’s damaged on basically the dampers or tires, and the front bumper because we went through some poles. 

"But the body panels look quite OK, so hopefully we can continue tomorrow.

"I’m really sorry for the team, I can’t say anything other than this".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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