M-Sport hopes to benefit from Red Bull-Ford collaboration in F1

The team principal of M-Sport, Richard Millener, hopes that the partnership of Red Bull with Ford in Formula1 will strengthen the collaboration of his team with the Austrian drink brand in World Rally Championship.

M-Sport renewed its sponsorship with Red Bull for one more year while the drink brand announced earlier this month that Ford will supply them engines in Formula 1 series from 2026 onwards which means that the American brand will return to F1. After this announcement, Ford confirmed that it will remain committed to WRC and will continue supporting Malcolm Wilson's team to develop further the hybrid Puma. Finally, it must be mentioned that Ford Fiesta is one of the most successful cars in rallying and currently only Skoda Fabia is its closest rival.

"Ford are entering into F1 which is fantastic and that is 2026, so that is a fair way away from now", Millener said.

"I hope it can strengthen our partnership. 

"We have a partnership with Red Bull at the moment and Ford have a bigger partnership with Red Bull in F1 moving forward, so let's hope that continues to help us grow as well.

"From my side, I think it is great for Ford to be entering the biggest discipline in motorsport and one of the biggest sports globally.

"Rally is a very different set of variables and KPIs for the brand, it is about taking their road cars and competing in the most challenging of circumstances and that won't change.

"F1 is not going to replicate what we do. 

"They are two very different projects. 

"I hope our relationship continues for years to come".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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