Rossel detects C3 weaknesses and asks from Citroen more development

Yohan Rossel asks from Citroen Racing to develop further the C3 Rally2 for the rest of the season and has already detected some weak areas of his car saying that it is impossible to win this year's WRC2 title.

The Frenchman is currently leading the WRC2 standings over Oliver Solberg and their gap is only at one point before heading to Rally Italia Sardegna next week. He has participated in three events so far in 2023 and has won two of them (Rallye Monte Carlo, Croatia Rally), but he struggled to find grip with his C3 during the Rally de Portugal resulting in finishing fourth overall, almost two minutes behind the winner Gus Greensmith. Apart from the three rounds that he has already competed in, his next outings of the season will be in Sardinia, Estonia and Central Europe.

"When the grip is high the car is fun and not so bad but when the grip is very down it’s impossible to follow the other guys and I have a little bit no confidence after that and it’s impossible", Rossel said.

"And I think that the championship, after today, it’s impossible to fight for the win.

"I think on the Tarmac the car worked very well.

"After Monte, we had five days of development and when you see the result in Croatia it’s good.

"But now after just one day of development for Portugal and when you see the other guys, the ┼ákoda, it’s completely different.

"Normally we have a little bit more evolution for this year but I think to have anything ready for Sardinia it’s a little bit close.

"But the grip is more high there and I think it’s like Friday in Portugal and on Friday I survived issues and I finish the day with 10 seconds behind Solberg, it’s not bad.

"But when the grip is down it’s impossible to drive.

"I think the most important thing is to work on the diff, the ramp on the rear, because when I enter the corners the rear is like on ice, and when I put my throttle it’s like insane.

"The plan is to add a lot of development but for the moment I don’t know".


Photo Credits: Yohan Rossel

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