The Route of Acropolis Rally 2023

The organizers of Acropolis Rally announced the route of their event which will be held on September 7-10. 

From September 4-6, the crews will have the chance to make some final corrects to their pacenotes during the recossainnance sections. In fact, it is the first WRC round in which the recce lasts three days. On Thursday 7 September, the Shakedown session will be held at 8:01 am local time with 3.62 Kilometers, but it is yet to be confirmed the exact place and name of this stage. Later, the ceremonial start will be in Athens close to Acropolis and afterwards the fans will have the opportunity to watch their favorite crews at a night suspespecial stage again.

The real rally action starts on Friday with five stages and 101,98 competitive kilometers. The opening stage of the day will be "Loutraki" which will be followed by "Pissia". The morning loop concludes with the second pass from "Loutraki". The drivers and co-drivers will have three hours to take a break and to reset before going to "Livadia" which will be the penultimate stage of the day. Finally, the iconic "Elatia" will conclude the Friday action, but it is the longest stage of the day with 28,32 Kilometers.

On Saturday 9 September, the rally moves to north near Lamia and the second day includes two passes from three stages. "Pavliani" is the opening stage of the morning and the afternoon loop with the first pass from it is being scheduled at 7:08 in the morning. "Karoutes" is the following stage after "Pavliani" and is being the longest stage of the rally with 28,36 Km, just 40 meters longer than "Elatia". "Eleftherochori" will conclude both loops which is running to the Acropolis itinerary since the rally rejoined WRC back in 2021. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that the final stage of Saturday was the Powerstage in 2022.

The final day of Acropolis Rally includes only three stages and the morning loop begins with the famous "Tarzan" which ran twice and was held on Saturday last year. Afterwards, the crews will pass twice from "Grammeni" which will host the Powerstage and returns to the calendar since 2018 when Greece was an ERC round. After the end of Powerstage, the top three crews will head to the service park to receive their trophies.

Totally, this year's Acropolis Rally of Greece includes 15 stages and 305,81 competitive kilometers. "Dafni", "Pyrgos", "Perivoli", "Harvati" and "Bauxites" are not anymore on this year's itinerary whereas "Karoutes" and "Pissia" return to WRC caledar since 2002 and 2013 respectively and were among the stages that Hyundai and M-Sport used for its tests.

Photo Credits: Toyota

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