WRC may include 14 events at the calendar of 2024

The WRC event director, Simon Larkin, says that there is a possibility for World Rally Championship to contain 14 events at the calendar for a medium-term future starting from 2024, but there will not be back-to-back rallies.

So far, it is known that Monte Carlo, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Kenya, Latvia and Chile will be at the WRC calendar of 2024 as all these countries have a multi-year contract with WRC Promoter and FIA or have extended their agreement with them for further seasons. Great Britain is still fighting to return to WRC, but the deadline for their place at next year's calendar is until the end of this May. In addition to these, Middle East and United States may rejoin the series in 2024 as the WRC people in charge want to add more events outside the Europe at the calendar.

"Our ambition is 14 events", Larkin said. 

"I think we will be quite happy with 14 events for the medium-term future.

"I think it works best for the teams when it comes to testing, logistics and transport. 

"There's no point in just pushing the number of events, we are not like MotoGP or Formula 1 that can do back-to-backs. 

"We don't want to.

"If we are going to have 14 events, each of them should be a very unique chapter of the story of the season and I think if we can get a Middle Eastern event for next year, which is the plan, I think we'd be very happy of the look and feel of each individual event. 

"I think a desert style event is the one that we are missing".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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