Katsuta about his Shakedown crash in Kenya

Takamoto Katsuta explains his crash at the Shakedown session of Safari Rally Kenya which led him to roll his car.

The Japanese driver has two podium finishes in Kenya so far in his career and is aiming to repeat this performance again this weekend. However, he did not start well his rally as he rolled his Yaris after a bump during his third run in Loldia. After this incident, his car was returned back to the service park and his mechanics are trying to repair it for tomorrow. Finally, it must be mentioned that the stewards have already published the entry list for section 1 in which his name is included to it.

"After a small jump we were braking into a hairpin right", Katsuta said.

"There was a small bump on the inside of the corner and straight away the car started to roll. 

"Basically, when we were braking, the dampers were fully absorbed, so there was no more play, let's say. 

"There was no suspension travel to avoid this kind of bump and straight away the car started to roll.

"To be honest, I was quite surprised because on the first two shakedown runs nothing really happened, but on the third run straight away something happened".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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