Lappi reveals his mechanical issue at Safari Shakedown

Esapekka Lappi says that a propshaft problem with his i20N led him to stop two times and not to set a time at the Shakedown of Safari Rally, but is being happy that this issue happened today and not during the rally.

Shakedown of Safari Rally was held in Loldia today and Kalle Rovanpera was the fastest driver there. However, his compatriot, Lappi did not start well his Safari debut as he had to stop 2 Km into his first SD pass due to a mechanical issue which was related to the propshaft. He managed to return to the remote service and his mechanics did some changes, but, unfortunately, he had to stop again, therefore he was not able to set a time in SD. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that all Rally1 drivers must complete three minimum runs from a Shakedown session otherwise they may face penalties after FIA changed the sporting regulations.

"Shakedown: two runs, two times had to pull over into the stage", Lappi wrote on his social media. "Some probshaft failures which team will solve at the service park. 

"Not the start what we wanted but luckily it happend today".

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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