Toyota remains committed to WRC as Sato affirms

The president of Toyota, Koji Sato, says that the Japanese car brand remains committed to the World Rally Championship as it is a good opportunity for them to develop more technologies to their cars which will be used by the public.

Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC announced back in 2015 that the brand would rejoin WRC in 2017 as Akio Toyoda was impressed by Jari-Matti Latvala's interest for the old Toyota cars, such as Celica. Since their reentry in the series, Toyota has claimed 33 victories and has won four manufacturers' titles while three of its drivers have become WRC Champions driving a Yaris car (Ott Tanak, Sebastien Ogier, Kalle Rovanpera).

"Our return to WRC was really initiated by our chairman, Akio Toyoda", Sato said.

"Now I have succeeded as president and there is really no change in the axis of how we pursue WRC.

"It’s not only WRC, but in regard to motorsport and participation, this will remain as our axis and where we can gain ways to make ever-better cars. 

"For Toyota, this will be the basis of where we can make ever-better cars, so that’s not going to change, especially if you take up WRC.

"We are battling natural elements and also it asks a lot of the team play that is required to negotiate that race. 

"I think, with that in mind, it is a category that will remain our axis to continue on with development.

"As a whole, Toyota is moving forward towards finding the most appropriate and befit solutions for each different need of the different regions.

"For us, as a car manufacturer, it’s trying to provide these types of options to every single car-lover across the world, so we don’t leave anybody behind.

"What that means is that we are not dependant on any particular type of powertrain and we call this the multi-pathway. 

"We will be looking into hydrogen, of course, EVs and e-fuels. 

"We are looking at the energy requirements in each of the different regions and providing the mobility that befits that area.

"What’s common across all that thinking is that we want to be providing cars that are fun to drive, and that is what we strive for - to bring that fun to our customers".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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