What challenge will M-Sport Ford face for Estonia and Finland?

M-Sport Ford reveals a difficult challenge that the team will face with the logistics for Rally Estonia and Rally Finland as these two events are back-to-back.

More specifically, as M-Sport Ford is a semi-manufacturer team, it is understood that it has less budget in comparison with Hyundai Motorsport and Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT who have the support of their factories. Since Rally Finland is in two weeks from Rally Estonia, Malcolm Wilson's team decided that the two Rally1 cars will not return back to United Kingdom which is the base of M-Sport. Instead of that, the mechanics will do all the necessary rebuild work on the move as there is limited time between these two events. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that the Cumbrian-based team secured a sponsorship with Kenyan Airlines only for Safari Rally for a second year in a row with the view of saving money for its transport.

"The team is now about to enter its most critical period of the season", M-Sport's press release states. 

"Rally Estonia and Rally Finland effectively sit back-to-back on the calendar, making the logistics of pre- and post-event preparations even more challenging. 

"M-Sport will not bring the cars back to the UK between events due to limited time, so instead will do all the necessary rebuild work on the move".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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