A late braking led Lappi to crash in SS1 of Rally Chile

Esapekka Lappi explains that he braked too late on the final corner of Stage 1 in Chile which had as result to retire while he affirms that there was not a pacenote mistake. 

EP was among the WRC drivers who have visited Chile twice to compete in World Rally Championship, but he showed from the Shakedown session that his times were not good compared to his rivals. The things worsened for him as he was forced to retire due to the fact that he stopped 19.6 Km into Stage 1 after his rolling his i20N. The incident happened when he braked very late on the final left-hand corner of SS1 resulting in crashing and damaging heavily his car. Finally, it is obvious that his car suffers from rollcage damage and it is very unlikely for him to restart on Saturday under the Super Rally regulations, but we will have to wait until Hyundai's confirmation.

"It was too late braking, as simple as that", Lappi said.

"And then it was the end of the story.

"Already when you brake too late, and you have no chance to go wide, and for sure I tried to go a bit more inside, but there is also some concrete blocks.

"So it didn’t actually matter what I do, it would have ended like this anyway.

 "I think the pacenote is fairly OK.

"Throughout the stage it felt that I was a bit braking too early all the time, so I tried to get the marker a bit better. 

"And then it tips, it went too far".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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