Fourmaux does not regret going back to Rally2 car in 2023

Adrien Fourmaux believes that it was good for him to have returned back to the wheel of a Rally2 car after his losing his Rally1 seat last year and admits that M-Sport Ford is planning to bring some upgrades to the car.

The Frenchman secured a programme with M-Sport Ford at the top level from 2021 to 2022, but he lost his position as he had many crashes during last season. The Malcolm Wilson's team decided to continue their collaboration with him, but this time in WRC2 class with the intention of his developing the Fiesta and of his showing the car potential. Fourmaux is in fifth place overall on WRC2 standings after the end of Acropolis Rally and has not clinched a win yet in 2023. However, it must be mentioned that he was the leader of Rally Italia Sardegna until the time he went off the road on Powerstage resulting in Adreas Mikkelsen taking an unexpected victory on this event.

"For sure, it was positive for me to go back to Rally2 this year", Fourmaux said.

"The way it’s going in the Rally2, it’s well and it’s good for me because it gives me a lot of confidence. 

"I’ve learned a lot this season and we continue.

"I think it’s less expensive to go in Rally2 and then go back to Rally1, rather than continuing in Rally1 and maybe doing other mistakes or not giving the performance I need. 

"I mean, it was difficult for me at the start of the season because, for me, you cannot show what the capability of the drive is in only one year, and it wasn’t even one year because I stopped driving the Puma before the end, but I have no regrets there.”

"We have changed a lot of things on the car.

"We had the new subframe last year, then we had the gearbox, rear diff, anti-roll bar, dampers, engine. 

"And now we have another engine upgrade coming.

"We have been working quite a lot, I have been helping this and I’ve been pleased to work with developing it and showing the car’s performance. 

"We have been able to show good pace and it’s a good team effort, I would say".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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