Fourmaux feels more ready to return back to WRC than in 2022

Adrien Fourmaux says that he feels more ready to drive a Rally1 car now than in 2022, but knows that he must be patient since there are not many seats at the top level and will comprimise staying in WRC2 class next year.

The Frenchman lost his Rally1 seat in 2023 as M-Sport Ford preferred to sign Ott Tanak which means that the team has not enough budget to support three Rally1 cars, therefore Pierre-Louis Loubet became the second driver of the British squad. Fourmaux was driving for M-Sport Ford at the top tier last year, but he had many crashes, therefore the Malcolm Wilson's team offered him a WRC2 campaign for this season with the intention of his building his confidence and his experience. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that was forced to miss three events (Acropolis Rally, Rally New Zealand, Rally Japan) last season due to his accidents and due to M-Sport's budget issues. 

"My goal has always been to go back into Rally1 since end of last year", Fourmaux said.

"We know there aren’t many seats in the Rally1 so sometimes you have to be patient and see how it is. 

"If I have to do another season in Rally2 I will have to do, but for sure I want to be in Rally1.

"I’m much more ready than I was last year, the beginning. 

"So for sure I feel that now I would be more capable in Rally1 than I have ever been".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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