Hyundai gets a reprimand and a fine with supension after taking photos of other cars

The stewards of Acropolis Rally decided to give to Hyundai a reprimand and a suspended fine after their finding out that a member of the team took photos of other competitors' cars.

More specifically, the stewards and FIA discovered that a member of Hyundai Motorsport was taking pictures of other competitors' cars in Parc Ferme which is not in accordance with the sporting and the supplementary regulations. As a consequence of that, Hyundai was reprimanded and was fined of 5.000 euros which is suspended for 12 months if the team does not repeat a similar action during this period of time. The team manager of Hyundai, Tolga Ozakinci, said that he was made aware of this incident shortly after it occurred. Also, he stated that this team member was new in this role, was acting on his own accord, and was taking photos for his own personal remembrances. The team manager also declared and affirmed that the action of taking photos of other competitor cars was in no way linked to the team or to a request from them.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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