What will be Ogier's next outing with the Yaris after Greece?

Sebastien Ogier accepts the rough profile of rallying after what happened to him on the final stage of Saturday and reveals that it is very possible for hom to compete in Central European Rally next month.

The Frenchman took the lead of Acropolis Rally in Stage 10 when Thierry Neuville was forced to retire with a broken front-right suspension and his gao from the second Kalle Rovanpera was at ten seconds at the end of SS11. Unfortunately, Ogier suffered from a double rear puncture and the rear-left suspension of his Yaris was broken in Stage 12, but he managed to get to the finish line of SS12 as he was driving slowly. However, he was not able to arrive at the service park on time as he stopped to the roadway after the problems he had resulting in retiring for the day. The Toyota mechanics repaired his Yaris for Sunday and dropped to ninth from fourth after taking time penalties for his restart, but the stewards gave him an addition two-minute time penalty as he and Vincent Landais were moving in Stage 12 without having fastened correctly their belts. Finally, Ogier managed to complete the top ten on his sixth outing of the season with the Toyota Rally1 car and it is expected to return back to action for the Central European Rally which will be held in three different countries next month.

"I'm feeling I just want to go home, there's not much to say", Ogier said at the end of Acropolis Powerstage. 

"Sometimes it's like this in rally. 

"We move on and onto the next one".

"Probably Germany", Ogier answered when he was asked what will be the next rally for him in 2023.

Photo Credits: Toyota

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