Loubet takes the responsibility for his crash in Chile

Pierre-Louis Loubet says that it was his mistake for what happened in Stage 3 of Rally Chile and is being disappointed with the season he has so far.

The Corsican was in fourth place overall before the start of Stage 2 and was the quickest driver on the first split of Stage 3, but he had to retire as he rolled his Puma on the final stage of Friday morning. The M-Sport Ford mechanics were not able to fix his car for the rest of the weekend as there was extensive damage to the rollcage which means that he scored zero points in Chile this week. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that Loubet secured his first full-season programme in WRC with M-Sport Ford this year after his achievements in 2022, but his results does not not be satisfactory with the team's expectations.

"Unfortunately on a very fast section, maybe we did not understand something with Nicolas and we did a mistake, and unfortunately there was a big crash", Loubet said.

"The pacenote was fine, I think it was more the moment and everything around the pacenote.

"The rally was going well. 

"We were leading the stages also, so everything was looking pretty good and I had no moments and I felt good in the car.

"I didn’t feel like I was over pushing, so it is big disappointment as it was not a proper mistake. 

"I think it was something we need to check to make sure that will not happen again.

"This season has been very tough for me and the team. 

"Yesterday we showed that if we have had a bad championship we still have pace, but unfortunately it has finished in a bad way.

"It has happened to other drivers in the past and we need to continue to push and believe, I’m sure that will pay. 

"It has been a hard season, but it is part of the work".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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