Sulayem hints a potential return of Subaru in WRC

The president of FIA, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, is being optimistic that Subaru will return in World Rally Championship in the future after the talks he had with Akio Toyoda.

Subaru initially made its first appearance in World Rally Championship back in 1980 and has won three manufacturers' and drivers' title in the sport. Totally, the team had 46 wins and secured many big names during its WRC involvement including Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Petter Solberg. However, Subaru decided to withdraw from World Rally Championship at the end of 2008 despite its success and its iconic models while it must be mentioned that it was rumored back in 2018 that the Japanese car brand would make its WRC comeback from 2020. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that Toyota has bought a part of Subaru's percentage and there is a close cooperation between these two cars brands which can be proved by the fact that the BRΖ model uses the engine of the GR86.

"It’s not a secret I had a good meeting with Mr Akio Toyoda, and I ask him what we can do about enticing more manufacturers into the WRC and I listened to someone who is passionate", Sulayem said. 

"And he mentioned Subaru.

"They own a percentage of Subaru and they are going to support an initiative of Subaru entering. 

"And I feel someone like him, when he speaks, he speaks with confidence.

"I hope that some of that will come. 

"I feel more manufacturers are good.

"I see positive signs from the chairman of Toyota in convincing Subaru to come back and providing the engine, where Subaru’s issue is with the engine.

"It’s not with the car, it’s with the engine they have. 

"And I can see some signs of optimism there, really".


Photo Credits: Subaru

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