Mikkelsen to remain loyal to Skoda in WRC2

Andreas Mikkelsen does not think of leaving Skoda for another WRC2 car brand considering what his team has offered to him throughout all these years.

Hs first full-time season at the top level of World Rally Championship came in 2012 where Skoda offered him the chance to compete with the Fabia S2000 while he signed a contract with Volkswagen Motorsport from 2013 to 2016. Since the German car brand left WRC due to the diesel gate scandal, Skoda contacted with him and offered him three outings with the Fabia R5 in 2017, but he left them due to the fact that he preferred to drive for Citroen and Hyundai at the top level that year. The Alzenau-based team extended Mikkelsen's deal for two further seasons, but the last one did not deliver good results, therefore the Koreans decided to stop their partnership with him at the end of 2019. He had a year-off from WRC and WRC2 in 2020, but once again Skoda emerged to sign him for 2021 where he clinched his first WRC2 title with them. Both parties renewed their cooperation for next year while Mikkelsen started very late his 2023 season as he was in contact with Hyundai for his WRC return, but eventually the team preferred to sign Esapekka Lappi to him. Asa consequence of that, Mikkelsen lost his chance to secure a WRC2 agreement with Skoda as Toksport named other drivers to get behind the wheel of the Fabia RS Rally2. Later this season, Mikkelsen announced his return in WRC2 class with Toksport starting from Rally de Portugal six months ago, but the most important thing is that he managed to become the WRC2 Champion of 2023 having competed only in six of seven rallies.

"It’s good that we are having more competition in Rally2", Mikkelsen said.

"For example, now Toyota is coming, so that maybe also creates some kind of a driver market in Rally2 as well.

"I have been very honest with ┼ákoda and our history goes a long way back to 2011 and 2012. 

"When I lost my chance with Volkswagen, you know, they stepped in and helped my career. 

"When I went out of Hyundai they stepped in, and also this year.

"As long as I have some kind of offer or some kind of deal with them, I will never drive for an opposition of them.

"My first priority in Rally2 will always be Škoda".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: Skoda Motorsport

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